Hosted Desktops and Cloud Workspace™

Virtual Desktops are replacing traditional desktop networks for many reasons such as security, accessibility, monitoring and maintenance. Additionally Compliance PC gives you the ability to add any of the hundreds of approved software applications  within our Cloud Workspace™.

With Compliance PC you can access your personal virtual desktop from anywhere with just about any device connected to the Internet such as an existing PC, Mac, Thin Client, Tablet, iPad, or smart phones. Regardless of how many users your office consists of, with Cloud Workspace™  everyone can be connected to any of the business application software your company utilizes. Collaboration with others in your office is now easily done regardless of whether you are at home, on the road or in the office.

Hosted Virtual Desktops will save both time and money with its centralized management by providing your IT staff with the tools they need to add users, reset passwords and manage applications and access permissions all from one management portal.

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Access from Anywhere
Centralized Management
Secure Connections
Automated Backups

Cloud Workspace™

Private Cloud Network
Instant Scalability
Business Continuity
700+ Business Applications

Healthcare Solutions

Secure and Direct Email
Compliance Auditing
Certified EHR
HIPAA Trained Staff